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Why Does Artificial Grass Require Infill?

When installing artificial grass, infill is a crucial component. Synthetic turf for lawns that are installed without high-quality infill will decline in performance and fail to offer the experience, sensation, and look of lush, healthy natural grass. Ultimately infill is used when installing artificial grass for three main reasons, but there are many benefits depending on the product you choose. At Echoing Green, we always recommend high-quality infill to property owners looking to install synthetic turf for their lawns. 


artificial grass CanadaSynthetic turf for lawns needs to be more than just aesthetically pleasing. It must also be functional. Infill used when installing artificial grass adds ballast. The small round beads' balance adds stability, keeping the base down and the blades upright. 


Infil acts as a protective barrier covering the backing and fibres of synthetic turf. Functioning as a buffer, infill makes artificial grass less vulnerable to damage from animals, weather, and sharp objects. 


One of the many benefits of artificial grass installation is its durability and longevity. With infill used effectively during artificial grass installation, turf from Echoing green can extend the lifespan of the turf beyond 15 years for decades of good performance. Infill is an additional element that keeps artificial turf for lawns secured long after installation to avoid bubbling, lifting, wrinkling, or deterioration. 

Additional Advantages of Silica Infill

There are many different types of infill available for artificial grass installation. Silica infill offers many advantages over some of the other products commonly used. This high-quality artificial grass infill is well-draining, cooling, and antibacterial, deterring contaminants like bacteria, mold, and mildew from infiltrating. As a result, silica infill eliminates odours and prevents product deterioration for safer, longer-lasting turf by protecting artificial grass from nearby contaminants. 

Infill and Artificial Grass Installation 

Depending on the type of infill used, your artificial grass lawn can reap many benefits from MicroBan technology to improve drainage. To find out the best options for your commercial or residential property, contact the Echoing Green team directly.

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