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Artificial Grass for Decking

Enhance your outdoor space with long-lasting artificial grass for wooden decks that offers the lush comforts of natural grass without any of the tedious work.

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Adorn Your Backyard with Artificial Grass for Wood Decks

Are you looking to add a spark to your backyard? Go beyond the typical with artificial grass for decking. Backyard decks are a great way to enhance the functionality and increase the square footage of your property. You can build on the visual appeal and transform your deck into a personalized space with a touch of artificial grass in Toronto.

Much to the delight of many property owners in Toronto, artificial grass installation is not limited to just lawn replacements. At Echoing Green, our custom artificial turf can be used for a variety of applications, from brick pathways and concrete balconies to wooden backyard decks. 

artificial grass for wood decksWhy Install Artificial Grass for Your Decking? 

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Wood Decks

Artificial Grass in Toronto & Across Canada

When you choose Echoing Green, you get top-level customer service and a high-quality exclusive product from purchase to installation and for years to come. All of our grasses come with a 10-year warranty.  If you’re looking to customize your backyard deck or looking for an escape from the mundane cycle of maintenance and cleanup, reach out to Echoing Green. Our team of artificial grass experts will help you find the perfect residential turf solutions for your home! 


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