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Is Artificial Grass Pet Friendly?

Unlike natural grass artificial grass ‘colour fast’ and iis not damaged by pet urine or faeces.  Urine and other fluids are quickly eliminated through the very porous backing. Rainfall will help wash away urine and other odors, as well, feel free to give your lawn a good rinse every now and again. 

If you have a digger dog his digging days are over.  Dogs or other wildlife cannot dig through the grass. As well, Raccoons and other grub seeking wildlife will soon move from your backyard as they will no longer be able to dig for food. If you do have a dog that is a relentless digger, enforcing the borders with ungalvanized nails and timber borders can be put into place.     

Artificial grass is resilient and designed to withstand heavy footfall and rough play.  It’s durable enough to stand 200 dogs in a dog run and athletes wearing cleats. 

Because Artificial grass is fully-permeable it drains quickers and dries quicker making it easier to let Fido out regardless of the time of year.  You’ll no longer have to worry about mud patches, pooling or muddy paws. 

Unlike real grass, artificial grass doesn’t require fertilisers or pesticides to keep it looking its best.  You no longer need to worry about child play and dog play on ‘just fertilized’ grass, they’re free to roam and roll around.

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