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Custom Grass

For indoor and outdoor artificial turf Echoing Green can customize any space you want with your favourite logos or emblems in your favourite colours and to your own specifications. At Echoing Green, custom artificial turf is so much more than just grass!

Whether you are a landscape supply store or a landscape architectural firm or even if your business has nothing to do with landscaping at all. Echoing Green can provide you with an extensive array of products tailored specifically for your business! Unique tufting technology enables us to create custom made designs and logos that can be applied in many areas such as advertising, branding and interior design.

All Echoing Green products are tufted with UV-resistant yarns so that patterns and colours do not wear out or fade over time.
Your designs can measure up to 13' x 130' in a single piece. Boasting a variety of 16 colours, you are never out of options. You can combine up to 6 colours in the same design.

Echo custom is also available with a unique foam layer, allowing you to walk with extreme comfort. The foam finish can either be 6 mm or 12 mm thick, depending on your specific needs. The 12 mm certified foam finish complies with safety regulations, making it suitable for playground areas, daycares, kindergartens and more. Hopscotch, Land-sea-air and many more games can be created to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Whether you are looking to design welcome mats with your company logo as marketing material, hang your logo on the wall or even if you are looking to cover your showroom floor with a specific design- we can do it. Our flexibility in both the size of the mat as well as the variety of colors guarantees that if you design it we can make it.

Lighten up your free weights area with a custom designed mat! Push the weighted sled on a specially designed mat so you can track your distance. The mats are built for heavy duty use and are designed specifically to withstand the foot traffic and the weight.

Sports Fields
Looking to have your team emblem on your artificial field? Echoing Greens indoor and outdoor custom artificial sports turf is the same high quality as our landscape grasses and installed by our same professional  installation crews.   As with our residential grasses, our sports grasses require little maintenance and are free of fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides. Our custom sports turf is a great option for:

  • Schools
  • Play areas
  • Indoor and outdoor football fields
  • Indoor and outdoor soccer fields
  • Jungle gyms
  • Climbing apparatus
  • Recreation areas
  • Batting and Cricket Cages
  • Multi Purpose Play areas

Enjoy Quality European Turf

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