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Why Choose Artificial Grass?

Low Maintenance: Once installed you can finally say goodbye to watering, weeding, fertilizing and mowing.

Put Your Lawnmower Away for Good: Lawnmowers can become costly and are often in need of repair, as well, their emissions make up five percent of the country’s air pollution.

No More Toxic Chemicals: No fertilizer needed to keep your grass looking plush and healthy our non-toxic infills are safe for children, pets and the environment.

Environmentally Friendly: Synthetic grass helps air quality by eliminating the use of gardening equipment, fertilizers and pesticides, it will also help reduce your water bills.

Economically Friendly: A typical natural lawn requires 55 gallons of water per square foot per year, which comes to a whopping 33,000 gallons of water for a 600 square foot lawn. With artificial grass, you can save up to 495,000 gallons of water over 15 years     

Inhibits Weed Growth: We install a high density weed barrier designed to block weed growth through the synthetic grass.

Long Lasting: A high quality Synthetic grass can last up to 15 years if well cared for. Our European turf is manufactured under the highest of standards and the latest synthetic turf technology.  Our grasses are designed to withstand high foot traffic, dog play and all types of weather conditions. Our high UV protection will reduce fading and deterioration of the blades due to high UV rays.

Superior Drainage: Unlike real grass synthetic grass drains quicker, eliminating pooling and muddy patches.  Artificial grass also dries quicker than real grass allowing for more backyard playtime for both children and pets. 

Strong & Durable: Each blade of grass is tufted into a tough yet drainable polyurethane backing, together they make a tough durable play area designed to handle heavy foot traffic and rough play.

Curb Appeal: Synthetic grass always appears lush, beautifully groomed and green all year round.

More R&R: Why spend your weekend maintaining your lawn when you can just sit back and enjoy it.

Is Artificial Grass Environmentally-Friendly?

All Echoing Green grasses are 100% recyclable.

What Does UV Resistant Mean?

Exposure to sunlight over time can fade and degrade your grass. UV stabilisers are added to both the yarns and lamination of our artificial grass during the production process, which will slow down the degradation process, extending the lifespan of your grass.

How Long Does Artificial Grass Last For?

If properly cared for, Artificial Grass can last up to 15 years.

Why Does Artificial Grass Require Infill?

Infill is an important part of the installation of artificial grass. 

It’s multi purpose: 

a) it adds ballast which acts like a memory foam and keeps the blades standing upright 

b) It protects the backing which is the support structure for your artificial lawn and

c)  It weighs the grass down, without it the grass can get that ‘loose carpet look’

What Types of Infill Does Echoing Green Use?

Echoing Green uses 2 main types of infill:

1. Silica sand- rounded (non angular) this is the more economical choice of infill as the cost is less than half of Envirofill.

2. Envirofill- contains an antimicrobial protection which helps eliminate growth, odors, and product deterioration. It’s recommended for pet owners and is school board approved. 

Is Artificial Grass Pet Friendly?

Unlike natural grass artificial grass ‘colour fast’ and iis not damaged by pet urine or faeces.  Urine and other fluids are quickly eliminated through the very porous backing. Rainfall will help wash away urine and other odors, as well, feel free to give your lawn a good rinse every now and again. 

If you have a digger dog his digging days are over.  Dogs or other wildlife cannot dig through the grass. As well, Raccoons and other grub seeking wildlife will soon move from your backyard as they will no longer be able to dig for food. If you do have a dog that is a relentless digger, enforcing the borders with ungalvanized nails and timber borders can be put into place.     

Artificial grass is resilient and designed to withstand heavy footfall and rough play.  It’s durable enough to stand 200 dogs in a dog run and athletes wearing cleats. 

Because Artificial grass is fully-permeable it drains quickers and dries quicker making it easier to let Fido out regardless of the time of year.  You’ll no longer have to worry about mud patches, pooling or muddy paws. 

Unlike real grass, artificial grass doesn’t require fertilisers or pesticides to keep it looking its best.  You no longer need to worry about child play and dog play on ‘just fertilized’ grass, they’re free to roam and roll around.

Will My Dog Adjust?

Although your pet is used to doing it's business on natural grass they will quickly adjust and adapt to your artificial grass, as well, those yellow stains from constant urination in the same spot will be a thing of the past.  Pet urine will not stain or harm your artificial grass.

Will Weeds Grow Through my Artificial Grass?

We install an industrial, high-density weed barrier under our base system which aids in eliminating most weed growth.  You may find the odd weed appear on your grass from seeds being blown in from neighboring yards, just quickly remove them by hand to prevent further spread.

How is Artificial Grass Installed?

1. The top 2”-3” of your existing yard is removed.

2. A weed barrier is placed in order to prevent any weed growth.

3. A base is built from HPB (High Performance Bedding) roughly 3” deep, which is leveled and compacted.

4. The grass is installed on the base and fastened with 10” non galvanized spikes around the perimeter spaced 6”-10” apart.

5. The infill is spread out evenly approximately 1.5-2lb per square foot.

Does Synthetic Grass Require Maintenance?

Artificial grass generally lasts anywhere between 15 to 25 years, depending on its use and how well it is maintained.  Periodic rinsing and cross brushing with a broom will help to achieve a longer lifespan. In the fall you can use a leaf blower to remove leaves and debris but do not blow directly down as you will blow the infil out, always blow at an angle.  You can also use a plastic rake or a broom.

Does Synthetic Grass Get Hot in the Summer?

Artificial grass can get hot with rising temperatures, a quick rinse and a bit of cloud coverage will help to cool it down.

Does Synthetic Grass Drain?

Echoing Green grasses are all perforated and allow water to flow right through. Moreover , the HPB base that the grass is installed on is also permeable allowing rain and other fluids to flow straight through to the ground.

Enjoy Quality European Turf

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