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Artificial grass is a cost-effective, low maintenance, environmentally friendly solution to commercial and residential lawns.

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Artificial Grass for Dogs | Pet Turf Toronto

Artificial grass for dogs and cats, kennels and dog runs

Dog owners are, what we like to think, a special breed. We understand and share that special kind of love of our furry friends be it a cat or a dog, we can all agree that they are an important part of our lives. Statistics have shown that people that have pets live longer on average than those that don't.  Our furry companions have a calming influence on us and reduce blood pressure - reducing the risk of a heart attack. When we sell a Pet Turf lawn to a pet owner we know that it’s not just about aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain the lawn. We also know that it’s important to that pet owner that we’re offering them a safe, durable, worry-free area for their pet.

That’s why with Echoing Green’s Pet turf you don’t need to make a compromise between a beautiful looking lawn and a happy pet.  Our Pet Turf provides both.

Who Uses Pet Turf?

We know that both cats and dogs love to stretch out and relax on the grass as much as they love to play and roll around in it so it’s important that our artificial grass for dogs and cats feel as close to natural grass as possible.  Our Pet Turf has an added appeal in that it has a soft cushioned feel, is devoid of any toxic materials and is strong enough for dog play. Our Artificial turf is also a great option for Doggy Day Cares, Dog Runs and Kennels. It’s low maintenance, tough, long-lasting and our polyurethane (PU) backing provides optimal drainage. For those relentless ‘digger dogs’ we can ensure that the edges of artificial grass for dogs are secured tightly with more stakes around the perimeter.

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Why are Pet Owners Like You Turning to Artificial Grass?

Pet turf is increasing in popularity for pet owners across the city. Not only is our pet turf durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting, it can also be flexibly installed across different surfaces, customized to different shapes and sizes to best suit your unique living space. 

Benefits of Artificial Pet Turf

Installing artificial grass for dogs and cats offers various benefits to you, your pets, and your outdoor space. Premium artificial grass from Echoing Green is just one more way you can show your pets you love them. 


No harsh chemicals are used to manufacture our premium artificial grass, making our pet turf safe for play. Because synthetic pet turf stays lush, green, and weed-free all year round, there is no need for chemical treatments such as fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides to your maintenance regimen that could harm pets.  

No Staining 

Yellow patches from frequent urination will be a thing of the past. Your dog’s urine or feces will not harm the artificial grass, and our TCool Infill and ‘school board approved’ Envirofill Infill will eliminate stains, odours and bacteria growth. 

No Fleas & Insects 

Fleas are more than a pest for dogs and cats. They’re parasites that can be frustrating and cause illness to your pets and loved ones. Because there is no topsoil or other organic material necessary for your artificial grass installation, designated pet turf is insect-resistance minimizing the potential for infestations that affect your dogs and cats. 


At Echoing Green, our turf is manufactured and installed to maximize durability. After years of use, our premium pet turf withstands rough play, high traffic, daily use. When your pets are rolling around or playing with their other four-legged friends, pet turf is designed to persist regular use without enduring wear and tear. 

No Digging

Your pet may try to, but with artificial grass for dogs and cats, there will be no more digging holes in the lawn. Unlike natural grass, there is no topsoil or organic material for pets to excavate, so your artificial grass lawn will easily stay pristine. Pet turf is resilient to rough dog play, digging and running. No more having to replace dug-up areas with strips of sod and no more muddy paw tracks through the house.


Our pet turf is specially made to the highest quality standards to facilitate water drainage. Superior drainage technology prevents the build-up of bacteria and mold from accumulating on your artificial turf. So, you can easily wash pet turf of any unwanted remnants with a simple rinse. 

Install Pet Turf Anywhere 

Artificial grass for dogs and cats can be installed for any type of property on various smooth, flat surfaces. Many pet owners in the city live in condos or multi-family homes with not much outside space. Artificial pet turf can be installed on concrete balconies and patios in addition to backyard lawns, so you won’t ever have to compromise for your beloved pet. 

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What Our clients say

Great to deal with! Very professional and prompt. I would highly recommend their services.


Echoing Green is by far the best turf of all samples we got. Their product is so well textured that walking bare foot on it feels natural and comfortable. Out of all five different quotes and samples we got, Echoing Green provided the best product at the best value. They are extremely professional. From the first meeting to.the delivery of the project, they were always transparent, on time and customer focused. 

After 3 years of contemplating turf installation I decided this was the right time. I contacted Echoing Green amongst a few other suppliers however the others were only content to provide an online estimate from my measurements where Caryn with attention to detail scheduled a visit. Caryn was very engaged and was in constant communication up to the install date. Installation team was very knowledgeable, attentive to detail and did a wonderful job.

We are so pleased with the service and quality we received with Echoing Green. From start to finish, the service was exceptional. Caryn provided us with lots of great ideas to enhance our space and provided a quote which was unmatched. Kurtis, Scott and their team were extremely professional and efficient. We couldn't be more thrilled with Echoing Green, and look forward to enjoying our space for years to come.

Caryn who came initially to measure and give us a quote was very professional and listened to what we wanted. She also communicated regularly to give us any updates. Curtis and Scott who came to do the installation were both extremely pleasant and very hard working. They too, took the time to answer all of our questions regarding the installation!

We did a lot of research on artificial grass and asked for a few quotes from specialized companies in the GTA. Echoing green were fast to respond and provide a fair quote for our front yard (approx 500 sqft). Caryn was knowledgeable and came for a site visit to measure and answer questions before giving us the final quote and scheduled the installation for July. Highly recommend artificial turf and the services of Echoing Green.

We are extremely pleased with Echoing Green and superior customer service, high quality product, professionalism of the installation team and the stunning transformation of our yard. We look forward to maintenance free living on natural looking turf. Long gone are the numerous hours spent tending to a lawn, instead we can now enjoy the backyard with the kids and our dog, worry free!

Amazing experience all around, we are so happy with our grass (it looks so real!). It's transformed our backyard into a usable pet friendly, kid friendly maintenance free space. Huge thanks to Caryn for the fast responses, quote and coordination and to Bryan who was such a professional, friendly, detail oriented installer and turf expert.

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Why Choose Echoing Green for Your Pet Turf

When you install premium artificial turf, you will enjoy the seamless look of natural grass while your pets will revel in the sensation of lush natural grass in their pet turf. Artificial grass in Toronto requires minimal upkeep, saving the costs, time, and energy used caring for your lawn that you can spend on your pet instead. 

At Echoing Green, we deliver a high-end product at an affordable price. Our premium pet turf is manufactured according to high European standards and installed by a team of experienced professionals who offer high-quality workmanship. 

Pet Turf Design


Design a custom layout tailored to showcase your space. At Echoing Green, we help you tailor your artificial grass to fit the parameters of your space and enhance its aesthetic.

Pet Turf Quality


We prioritize quality. Our artificial grass is engineered to outperform competitors and is sourced from premium manufacturers in Spain and Holland who distribute the high-grade product exclusively worldwide. Echoing Green is the sole Canadian distributor of this premium synthetic grass.

Pet Turf Customization


If you want to spice up your synthetic turf application, then Echoing Green is still the choice for you. We offer premium customizations like colour, cut, and branding.

Pet Turf Full Service

Full Service

Our team of industry experts is happy and equipped to support and guide you through your entire artificial grass journey. From consultations, design work, layout to the product, and installation, Echoing Green ensures excellence in every step.

Pet Turf Performance


Our uniquely designed turf is built to facilitate superior drainage so bacteria, dirt, dust, and other contaminants won't linger on the surface of your artificial lawn. It's also designed for colorfast protection to avoid damage from the sun's UV Rays and prevent overheating on hot days.

Pet Turf Experience


We have over 20 years of experience in the artificial grass industry under our belt. From manufacturing and design to installation, we pride ourselves in mastering our craft and providing our customers with a product that exceeds the standards of durability, longevity, and visual appeal.

Contact Echoing Green Today to Apply Our Premium Artificial Grass to Your Space.

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