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Is Artificial Grass Environmentally-Friendly?

Artificial grass in Toronto is environmentally-friendly. Artificial turf supplied by Echoing Green replaces outdated or harmful lawn maintenance practices in more than one way. When you install artificial grass in Toronto for your residential or commercial property with Echoing Green, you decrease garbage and pollution from day-to-day lawn care while also preserving water resources. 

How Is Artificial Grass Installation More Sustainable? 

Echoing Green is one of the best artificial grass suppliers in Toronto in Canada because of our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our grasses are 100% recyclable and designed for longevity, so property owners and landscapers won’t have to regularly discard turf increasing landfill waste. Our selection of grasses for all applications is engineered to last decades, offering superior performance. 

  • Water Conservation: Artificial grass is synthetic, and synthetic turf doesn’t need to be watered beyond the occasional rinse to sanitize or wash away dirt and dust. You won’t have to use precious freshwater resources spending hours watering your lawn. Synthetic turf in Toronto stays green without water. 
  • Gas Emissions: Gasoline-powered lawn mowers are still used in many households today. They burn fossil fuels and release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing to the effects of climate change. With artificial grass installed instead, you can cut out lawn-mowing completely. 
  • Chemical Run-Off: Before artificial grass installation, property owners used chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides to preserve the pristine look of their landscaping and enhance its lushness and colour, which would seep into the groundwater and contaminate water supplies. With non-toxic artificial residential turf and commercial turf, lawn-enhancing chemicals are obsolete because synthetic turf from Echoing Green maintains its luxurious lushness and colour without any additives. 

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