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Which Turf is Good for High Traffic Areas?

Choosing the best artificial grass for your property depends on a variety of factors, one of the most important being the anticipated foot traffic in that area. Landscaping areas can be broken down into three main traffic levels: low, medium, and high. 

High Traffic Landscape Turf

High traffic or heavy traffic areas need the most durable artificial grass because they are seeing the most traffic. If your artificial grass installation is geared toward play areas, sports, or even pathways where there will be regular and repeated use or even high-intensity activities, then a durable high traffic artificial grass is the best option. Because of the number of people interacting with malls, schools, restaurants, and gyms, artificial turf equipped for heavy foot traffic are commonly used for these types of properties. 

How to Select the Best Artificial Grass in Toronto for High Traffic Applications

There are two primary factors that contribute to the durability of artificial grass in Canada as it relates to foot traffic: density and pile height. As fully stocked artificial grass suppliers, Echoing Green stocks a range of turf for various applications so you can find the perfect one for your property type. 

  • Pile Height: Pile height refers to the length of a synthetic turf from the tip of the fibre to the base or backing. 
    In most cases, areas with the heaviest foot traffic are best suited for shorter artificial grass fibres. Low pile height is also great for exercise, sports turf, and pet turf as it enables better traction and minimizes the chances of slipping compared to longer artificial grass. However, if you prefer longer grass for your landscaping turf and have a residential property with considerably heavy traffic you can still get high quality results from slightly longer artificial grass. 

  • Density: Sometimes discussed as “face weight,” which refers to the weight of all the artificial grass fibres in a section of turf, not including the backing. The fullness of any artificial grass installation keeps it looking fresh and lush even as when it is being used repeatedly. 

Unique Artificial Grass Design 

At Echoing Green, the unique design of our European manufactured artificial grass adds an additional layer of durability to applications that endure heavy foot traffic. Each fibre is engineered with a slight curve at its centre to replicate the look and functionality of natural grass but more effectively deliver results.

Infill and Artificial Grass Durability 

Outside of the synthetic turf itself, infill at the point of artificial grass installation is key to longevity in high traffic areas. High-quality artificial grass infill used strategically during installation helps prop fibres up and weigh the backing down fortifying it for everyday use. 

How to Choose the Best Artificial Grass in Toronto? 

Opting for artificial grass that is too long for high traffic areas make landscaping less appealing. Like with natural grass, an insufficient amount of fibres or turf that is too long can easily start to look matted, flat, or lifeless. It can also interfere with the performance of the turf. Longer or less dense artificial grass is best suited for landscaping, gardens, and yards. 

However, when you choose Echoing Green for artificial grass in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada, you can trust that all of our grasses are manufactured with longevity and resilience at the forefront.

For guidance in finding the right synthetic turf for your property, reach out the Echoing Green team directly.

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