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Why Choose Artificial Grass?

If you're thinking about choosing artificial grass in Toronto instead of natural grass or alternative flooring surfaces, there are many universal benefits to opting for synthetic turf, and then there are even more advantages depending on the type of artificial grass installation and who is going to be using the turf.  At Echoing Green, we offer a range of artificial grass in Toronto suited to various applications. With the selection of turf available for any particular artificial grass installation, landscapers and property owners can always find the perfect turf for any project. 

Qualities of Artificial Grass in Toronto

  • Save Money: Compared to natural lawns, an artificial grass installation will save property owners the costs of water, chemical treatments, and supplies that can add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. Due to its longevity, Torontonians won't have to spend money on replacing artificial grass for decades.  
  • Save Time: Taking care of your lawn is a time-consuming past-time. Hours are spent every week taking away from time that can be spent enjoying your outdoor space with friends and family. Artificial grass in Toronto is an evergreen addition that requires no special maintenance or mowing to stay at its ideal length and colour, so you can skip the tedious lawn care steps that monopolize your summer evenings. 
  • Non-Toxic: Manufactured and installed without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals, artificial grass in Toronto is a non-toxic alternative safe for kids and pets to play. Traditional lawns used heavy chemical fertilizers and pesticides to enhance the colour and growth, which would leave deposits at the base of the grass. Artificial grass installation doesn't require any of these chemicals to stay lush and attractive. 
  • Superior Drainage: At Echoing Green, the artificial grass we supply is designed to effectively facilitate drainage. Permeable backings and effective artificial grass installation ensure water does not get trapped beneath the surface or oversaturate lawns. Instead, water is wicked away efficiently to avoid pooling, mold, bacteria, or slips and falls. 
  • Eliminates Weeds: Dandelions, crabgrass, thistles, and other weeds that infiltrate gardens and lawns around the city are more than just a simple visual disturbance. They also release pollen into the air, worsening the effects of seasonal allergies. Property owners devote time, money, energy, and resources to weed removal every year, just for the pesky plants to return. Artificial grass installation prohibits the growth of weeds with high-quality weed barriers that stop the roots from being able to grow, even when exposed to weeds in neighbouring lawns. 
  • Years of Longevity: Artificial grass from Echoing Green is designed strategically to withstand a range of fluctuating weather conditions experienced in Toronto and across Southern Ontario. Built with advanced polyurethane backings, the high-quality turf lasts years, even decades, without wear and tear or a decline in performance. Our artificial turf offers UV protection that prevents damage, fading, or deterioration from exposure to the sun. 
  • Curb Appeal: Outdoor artificial grass installation, especially on the front lawn, keeps yards looking tidy and vibrant. Neat fibres cannot become overgrown, nor can grass yellow and die. Artificial grass in Toronto can be used in many creative ways to enhance outdoor landscaping and make your property even more appealing. 

Contact the team at Echoing Green to learn how else you can benefit from our exlusive, high-quality, European synthetic turf.

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