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Does Synthetic Turf Require Maintenance?

One of the reasons homeowners and business owners love artificial grass in Toronto is that it does not require any of the demanding daily maintenance that natural grass does. Artificial grass in Toronto can be easily installed and used for lawn replacement, golf putting greens, swimming pools, storefronts, gyms, and so much more. 

Artificial turf in Toronto does not need any watering, mowing, weeding, fertilization, pesticides, or aeration to give off the look and feel of healthy turf. When you install artificial grass, you can be confident that it will last between 15 to 25 years without needing replacement, but you can extend that lifespan for amazing, long-term results with the proper care. 

Caring For Artificial Turf

artificial grass TorontoIt’s especially important to pay attention to high traffic artificial turf and indoor putting green turf. Maintenance tasks to care for artificial grass do not need to be done daily, and they are not time-consuming. Generally, artificial grass should be cross brushed with a broom, not a wired rake. Debris that accumulates over time should be removed to maintain a clean and neat finish. And the spill should be wiped up and disinfected regularly so the surface does not become sticky. You can use a leaf blower to clear fallen debris in autumn, but be to hold your leaf blower at an angle. 

If you have a pet who is taken to your artificial grass lawn or artificial grass putting green, be sure to disinfect your turf as necessary. Since artificial grass from Echoing Green offers efficient drainage, you can use our AquaKlor disinfectant to attach to your hose and spray. At Echoing Green, our artificial grass lawn solutions simplify outdoor landscaping and maintenance to save time, money, and resources, so you can spend more time enjoying your lawn.

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