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Artificial Pet Turf

About Artificial Pet Turf from Echoing Green

View our exceptional pet turf. At Echoing Green, our artificial grass for dogs and pets is engineered to enable better functionality, convenience, and aesthetics both outdoors and indoors. Designed with both pets and owners in mind, our high-quality artificial grass for dogs is a multi-purpose solution that can curate the perfect space for pets and beautiful landscaping for property owners. 

Artificial grass installation for dogs is ideal for homes, condominiums, retail spaces, veterinarian offices, dog runs, and other pet-centric spaces. 

Crafted to withstand the energy of active pets, our pet turf is a durable solution that can handle all the running, bounding, and tail-wagging your furry friends bring to the yard. Artificial grass for dogs prevents damage to lawns from digging dogs. Keeping muddy paws off your floors makes cleaning up after your pet easier with easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain pet turf. The low-maintenance alternative to natural grass reduces the time, resources, and energy required for beautiful lawns or indoor spaces. 

We understand that safety is paramount for your pets. That's why our pet turf is free from pesticides and fertilizers, creating a toxic-free environment for your companions to frolic in. Our advanced odour removal treatment, EchoFresh, also ensures that your outdoor space remains fresh and inviting by digesting odour-inducing contaminants from waste, even after daily use from your pets. Equipped with UV protection and installed with advanced infill, artificial grass from Echoing Green maintains a cooler surface temperature even when exposed to sunlight to protect your pet’s paws. 

Customizability is key when it comes to pet turf. Tailor the size and layout of your space, allowing your pets to have a designated play area that suits their needs. Beyond its practicality, our pet turf enhances the visual appeal of your surroundings, adding a touch of green beauty to your outdoor space. 

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