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How Do I Keep Landscaping Turf Weed-Free?

Years of weed free landscaping turf is one of the many benefits that come with switching from natural grass to artificial grass in Toronto. Natural lawns easily become a breeding ground for weeds and rogue plants, and it takes a lot of time and effort to keep your lawn looking pristine and weed-free. Artificial grass is a clear-cut solution to weed-ridden natural lawns. 

There are various benefits to having artificial turf, like it’s durability and immaculate aesthetics, but maybe one of the most enticing is its ability to keep landscaping and lawns void of pesky and unsightly weeds. Artificial turf, paired with a premium weed barrier during installation makes achieving pristine weed-free landscaping simple.

Weed Barriers & Artificial Grass Installation 

A weed barrier is a specially engineered fabric used during artificial grass installation to separate dirt or soil from artificial turf. Intricately woven and made with high-density fibres, durable weed barriers stop unwanted plants from sprouting and penetrating your synthetic turf landscaping. 

Our premium weed barriers ensure that your artificial grass has longevity and maintains its pristine look throughout its long lifespan. 600N polypropylene, the material used for our premium weed barriers, is UV-resistant and prevents deterioration, rotting, and degradation. In addition to preserving the look of your artificial turf landscaping, weed barriers aid also protect the integrity and longevity of your turf by minimizing degradation from foreign elements. 

Garden Maintenance

Weed barriers create an environment without any organic matter, and so there’s nowhere for weeds to grow. During artificial grass installation, the earth is dug deep enough to eliminate any root from lingering or new growth from protruding into your artificial grass in the future. As an extra level of protection from neighbouring lawns, keep weeds out of the vicinity. Maintaining surrounding gardens in your yard will be easy — weedless artificial grass protects the nearby gardens and landscaping from infiltration. Gardens or grass near your synthetic turf installation may still be susceptible to weed infestations, but with a high-quality weed barrier from Echoing Green, weeds won’t come anywhere near your artificial turf.

How You Save with Artificial Grass Toronto

Weed removal is time-consuming, frustrating, and tedious. With a weed barrier installed underneath your synthetic turf, you won’t need to worry about weeds. Herbicides, sprays, and constantly pulling out weeds are harmful to your lawn and, unfortunately, don’t permanently eradicate weeds from your lawn. If you pull out weeds from your lawn, they’ll still likely return next year. Weed barriers for your artificial grass eliminates any chance of plants and annoying weeds from growing in your backyard. 

Weed control is costly and time-consuming. Year after year, the cost of chemicals, tools, and even professional weed removal services will add up. With a weed barrier and artificial grass, there’s no need to even think about removing weeds from your lawn, either physically or with herbicides.  Artificial grass saves property owners the time and energy spent on weeding lawns because the opportunity of infestation is so minimal.

At Echoing Green, we have many options for artificial grass, and our team of specialists will answer all of your questions.

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