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How to Get Rid of Artificial Grass Odours

Like with any other landscaping materials, with heavy use of artificial grass for dogs, you may notice foul odours lingering. You can quickly eliminate malodours from pets, organic waste, or even food byproducts with high-quality artificial grass products and artificial grass cleaning services. 

Artificial Grass Installation

artificial grassDuring artificial grass installation, infill should be used for a number of reasons. Beyond maintaining ballast and lush-looking landscaping, advanced infill from TºCool is equipped with BacShield technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew for a healthier outdoor environment. 

Artificial Grass Cleaning

When odours get trapped in your grass, you may need a little extra push to restore freshness to your backyard. Artificial turf cleaning services are an easy, low-stress way to keep your lawn smelling great. At Echoing Green, we offer a unique cleaning service that cleans your artificial grass of stains, dirt, and build-up while also neutralizing any lingering bacteria-inducing odours. Our unique EchoFresh product can be easily sprayed across your artificial grass installation, quickly reducing the presence of disruptive and pungent smells. EchoFresh is specially formulated to leave your artificial grass with the fresh, light, and inviting aroma of freshly-cut grass. 

Artificial Grass Cleaning with Echoing Green

Artificial grass cleaning services are an easy way to maintain the overall appeal and appearance of your landscaping over the years while extending its lifespan. In between artificial turf cleaning treatments, you can keep your condition smelling and looking great with quick rinses and debris removal. 

For more information on artificial grass cleaning and maintenance services, contact Echoing Green. 

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