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How Often Do You Need to Put Infill on Artificial Grass

A key step during artificial grass installation is adding infill to your landscaping. At Echoing Green, we use high-quality infill during installation to ensure high performing, long-lasting, artificial grass. Whether you install your artificial grass for the backyard, front lawns, swimming pools. or even backyard putting greens, infill offers many benefits. Overtime, after frequent use, you may find yourself needing additional infill. 

It’s a good idea to assess your infill needs annually, before the start of the Spring or Summer. You can request infill with your artificial grass maintenance, to easily refresh your lawn. At Echoing Green, we offer reliable and simple artificial turf cleaning and maintenance services to make revamping your lawn a breeze. 

Infill Adds Ballast to Your Lawn 

artificial grass maintenanceBallast refers to the weight that keeps artificial grass in place and prevents it from shifting or moving around. Infill provides this weight, which helps to keep the turf firmly in place, especially in high-traffic areas or areas that are exposed to wind or other natural elements.

Moreover, the use of infill as ballast also helps to improve the overall look and feel of the artificial grass. It helps to create a more natural, realistic appearance, as the turf will have a weight and density that mimics real grass.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Artificial Grass

Infill in artificial grass landscaping is not just important for creating ballast, but it also helps to slow down wear and tear. Infill is used during artificial grass maintenance to provide cushioning and support to the artificial grass fibers, which helps to distribute the weight of foot traffic and other activities more evenly. By adding infill, the artificial grass fibers are better able to resist wear and tear, ensuring that your landscaping looks great for years to come. Additionally, infill can help to prevent the formation of wrinkles or creases in the artificial grass installation, which can be unsightly and make the surface uneven. 

To learn more about artificial turf cleaning with Echoing Green, contact us.

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