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How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

artificial grass TorontoArtificial grass from Echoing Green lasts for approximately 15 years. Our high-end European grasses can last even longer with the right care and proper installation. Artificial grass has the potential to last decades and does not need daily maintenance to do so. At Echoing Green, our selection of grasses is engineered according to unique European standards for durability and resilience. When you pick the suitable turf for your landscaping or decorating project with the help of an artificial grass expert, your artificial grass installation will withstand daily use and traffic without wear and tear. 

Why Artificial Grass from Echoing Green Lasts So Long? 

  • UV Protection: Our artificial turf is UV-protected. The treatment prevents damage, fading, or overheating from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, allowing artificial grass to withstand extended periods of sun exposure. 
  • Weed Barrier: Weeds cannot compromise artificial grass that is built to prevent the intrusion of weeds. Strategic artificial grass installation prevents weeds from passing the advanced weed barrier to penetrate through to the surface of the turf. 
  • Bacteria Resistance: Water does not collect or pool within artificial turf, and infill used during artificial grass installation stops bacteria and mold from settling or festering. 
  • Weather Resistant: the backings, seams, and adhesives are engineered to withstand the freeze and thaw cycle of various Canadian climates. The turf will not break down or deteriorate as we transition from season to season.

How Installation Extends the Lifespan of Artificial Grass in Toronto

Artificial grass installation is key to the longevity of artificial turf in Toronto. From the proper distribution of infill to the security and fastening of seams, artificial grass installation requires care and strategy. Echoing Green offers artificial grass installation services to help ensure high-quality results. 

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