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We chose to install Echoing Green’s artificial grass in our daycare’s playground after learning how environmentally-friendly it is, and how well it drains. We figured it would help keep our kids safe from slips and falls, and parents have definitely noticed that kids are no longer coming home with grass-stained jeans, and no more cuts and bruises!


After moving into our condo from a little townhome last year, one of the things we missed the most was an outdoor play area for our small dog. We decided to have Echoing Green install their artificial pet grass on our balcony, and our little guy could not be happier. He enjoys rolling around in it, and cleaning up his bathroom messes are super easy. We also can’t help but run our feet through it when we’re sitting outside - it feels just like real grass!


I’ve always taken pride in having the greenest lawn in the neighbourhood, but mowing, watering and weeding is a lot of work for an old man. Since installing Echoing Green artificial grass, I get to have the perfect green grass without having to work out in the hot sun. My wife enjoys my free time too :)


We wanted our pub’s outdoor patio to really stand out among our competition, so we hired Echoing Green to design something cool and innovative. I have to say, they hit it out of the park, not just with their great product, but with all the little details that create an atmosphere that stands out as a great place to hang out, with lots of Instagram-worthy photo ops!

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