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Tcool Calcean Aragonite 20/50



Quick Details

T°Cool is the only performance-based infill that provides for up to 10 degrees celsius cooler surface temperatures over any other available infill on the markеt. It does that by harvesting moisture from humidity, rain, and irrigation. It is very important to keep moisture content in the T°Cool® turf system in order to power the evaporative cooling process. It also provides bio based antimicrobial protection which prevents mildew and mold growth that cause odors and stains.

The recommended amount of infill is 2-3lb per sqft.


TºCool® with Calcean™ Oolitic Aragonite is the biogenic, safe, renewable, and sustainable alternative to standard infills. Oolitic aragonite's microporosity characteristics provide an extremely high surface area on each particle, giving the T°Cool ample capacity to store moisture and create a maximum evaporative cooling effect. The round (“oolitic”) particles will not compact or interlock, creating a key combination of increased cooling space and quality shock absorbency for any physical activity.

The TºCool Calcean Aragonite, it is a 20/50 mesh and is a lot finer than our standard 16/30 product. This infill is especially good for high end putting greens and applications with very dense turf.

Oolitic Aragonite has a unique capability to neutralize odors, and when combined with T°Cool, it is also antimicrobial. It is an environmentally friendly, high-performance infill that is non-toxic and safe.

Oolitic Aragonite is also 100% renewable, biogenic resource. It replenishes itself by 4 billion pounds annually. 


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