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Air Drain Echo Tile



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100% recycled injection-molded co-polymer polypropylene plastic units with an impact modifier added to achieve a (NO-BREAK) plastics classification and a minimum 3% carbon black added for UV protection.
Loading capability is equal to 233 psi empty capacity and 6,747 psi when filled with clean sharp sand


This geocell grid facilitates artificial grass drainage and continuous airflow to maximize artificial grass performance. The Air Drain Echo Tile is great for residential, commercial, and pet-friendly artificial grass installation. By separating turf from the subfloor, the geocell grid design creates a 1 inch (2.5 cm) separation that facilitates air and water movement, in turn improving drainage of organic waste and bacteria for healthier, odour-free turf. By enabling better air movement and water drainage, the Air Drain Echo Tile improves surface temperature regulation of artificial turf to maximize comfort as well as long-term functionality and performance.


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