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Artificial Grass for Restaurants

Entice new customers and boost returning patrons with long-lasting, vibrant artificial grass decor and landscaping.


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artificial grass TorontoReimagine Your Restaurant with Artificial Grass

Set your restaurant apart with commercial artificial grass. Versatile artificial grass for bars, restaurants, and café builds an innovative environment that attracts customers and keeps them coming back for more. When you opt for artificial grass in Toronto for decor inside your restaurant or commercial turf landscaping, you can create a truly unique experience that resonates with customers. 

Installing Artificial Grass in Your Restaurant

Artificial turf isn’t limited to just landscaping. Of course, you can adorn your restaurant or bar front synthetic turf walkways and landscaping, but there’s so much more. 

Branding & Logos With Commercial Artificial Turf

At Echoing Green, our grasses are entirely customizable. Brand custom artificial grass for your restaurant, printing it in unique patterns and colours that reflect your business. We can also print your company name and logo into your turf, so every photo taken and shared from your restaurant serves as a piece of pride and advertisement. 

Why Restaurant & Bar Staff Love Artificial Turf 

Commercial artificial turf is not just for your customers. When you install synthetic turf, you’ll save your team the time and effort of natural grass or alternative flooring, allowing your staff to enable more resources to operate a great restaurant, bar, or dining experience. 

Artificial Grass Toronto Installation for Restaurants & Bars 

Our selection of commercial synthetic turf, from custom artificial grass to Echo80 and Echo 80 plus, is all luxury grasses designed and manufactured in Europe with a lot to offer restaurants. Echoing Green provides installation services if you’re ready to get creative with artificial grass for bars and restaurants. When you choose our experienced team for artificial grass installation, trust that you will receive quality workmanship. Our grasses will go the distance, lasting many years, secured and vibrant. 

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