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Artificial grass is a cost-effective, low maintenance, environmentally friendly solution to commercial and residential lawns.

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Where Can Artificial Grass Be Applied?

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Our luxury artificial grass can be designed, cut, and customized to suit the specific needs of your space. Apply artificial turf to virtually any surface: wood, concrete, dirt with installation professionals at Echoing Green.

Front Lawns

Artificial residential turf offers great curb appeal for your home or your business. You’ll no longer require the help of landscapers or lawn maintenance crews and you’ll cut down on your water bills. With an Echoing Green artificial lawn, you can transform a sometimes difficult and hard to manage lawn into a low-maintenance, beautifully manicured landscape. We’ll keep the natural look of your yard by craftily and carefully cutting around trees, flowerbeds or walkways.

Back Gardens

You’re meant to spend your time relaxing, entertaining or enjoying a little playtime in your backyard. Whatever you envision for your yard, we offer a variety of yarn textures, pile heights and shades of green to suit everyone’s individual preferences. Our residential turf add a softscape look to a hardscaped yard. Whether it’s around a pool, patio, gazebo or deck our artificial grass offers colour, softness and texture to any yard. Synthetic turf is a great solution for heavily treed yards where grass doesn’t grow. Unlike real grass, it doesn’t require sunlight to flourish and look it's very best. From small yard spaces to larger treed yards, no job is too large or too small for our Echoing Green installation crews.

Commercial Spaces

Create a Green Rooftop, Terrace or Balcony

Commercial turf can be used to transform hard, cold concrete balconies into soft-cushioned walkouts. It can also be used to add colour ‘while also insulating’ to dull and lifeless rooftops. Create previously unusable areas into enjoyable relaxing green spaces.For Condo Board members, opt for a clean, easily maintained green space for pets to relieve themselves. No more mud patches and no muddy paw prints being tracked into hallways or common areas.


...... And this is the part we love to talk about the most! There's very little to be done to your artificial lawn. If it's a hot day and you feel the grass is warm, give it a cool rinse with a hose. To remove leaves in the Fall you can use a plastic rake, broom or leaf blower to clear them away.

Note: If you DO use a leaf blower don't blow directly down as you'll blow out the infill. Blow slightly at an angle.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass for Residential and Commercial Properties

Residential and Commercial Turf Benefits

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Low Maintenance

Save time and energy spent on regular lawn care: no more lawn mowing, fertilizers, and watering. Your grass will effortlessly stay green and stay the perfect length hassle-free.


When you install artificial grass, you will no longer have to pay for routine lawn care. All the chemicals, fertilizers, water, and equipment necessary to maintain natural grass will be gone from your bill.

All Year Green

Through rainy seasons, heavy snowfall, or dry summers, synthetic turf will endure all of Toronto's ever-changing weather conditions to remain green, lush, and beautiful all year long. You will no longer have to worry about weeds or yellowing lawns.

Our artificial grass is especially protected against the sun's UV Rays to prevent colour-fading and bleeding and stop grass from overheating to look beautiful and be enjoyed at all times.

Durability & Longevity

The average artificial turf is expected to last 15-20 years. At Echoing Green, our premium artificial grass is designed to perform for years with minimal care. Whether your grass is exposed to the elements, high traffic, or battering from sports, our synthetic turf is installed by our team of seasoned professionals to ensure quality workmanship and durability.


From the fibres of our artificial grass to our infill and installation process, Echoing Green's artificial grass is designed without lead and other harmful materials. It requires no chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides for upkeep.

Realize the benefits of Premium Artificial Grass in Your Residential or Commercial space with the experts at Echoing Green.

What Our clients say

Alex Lifeson (from the band Rush)

Great to deal with! Very professional and prompt. I would highly recommend their services.


JR Graterol

Echoing Green is by far the best turf of all samples we got. Their product is so well textured that walking bare foot on it feels natural and comfortable. Out of all five different quotes and samples we got, Echoing Green provided the best product at the best value. They are extremely professional. From the first meeting to.the delivery of the project, they were always transparent, on time and customer focused. 

Les Wakeling

After 3 years of contemplating turf installation I decided this was the right time. I contacted Echoing Green amongst a few other suppliers however the others were only content to provide an online estimate from my measurements where Caryn with attention to detail scheduled a visit. Caryn was very engaged and was in constant communication up to the install date. Installation team was very knowledgeable, attentive to detail and did a wonderful job.

Sheba Jay

We are so pleased with the service and quality we received with Echoing Green. From start to finish, the service was exceptional. Caryn provided us with lots of great ideas to enhance our space and provided a quote which was unmatched. Kurtis, Scott and their team were extremely professional and efficient. We couldn't be more thrilled with Echoing Green, and look forward to enjoying our space for years to come.

Catherine Lindley

Caryn who came initially to measure and give us a quote was very professional and listened to what we wanted. She also communicated regularly to give us any updates. Curtis and Scott who came to do the installation were both extremely pleasant and very hard working. They too, took the time to answer all of our questions regarding the installation!

Jacob BD

We did a lot of research on artificial grass and asked for a few quotes from specialized companies in the GTA. Echoing green were fast to respond and provide a fair quote for our front yard (approx 500 sqft). Caryn was knowledgeable and came for a site visit to measure and answer questions before giving us the final quote and scheduled the installation for July. Highly recommend artificial turf and the services of Echoing Green.

Darren Wright

We are extremely pleased with Echoing Green and superior customer service, high quality product, professionalism of the installation team and the stunning transformation of our yard. We look forward to maintenance free living on natural looking turf. Long gone are the numerous hours spent tending to a lawn, instead we can now enjoy the backyard with the kids and our dog, worry free!

Gisele Ho

Amazing experience all around, we are so happy with our grass (it looks so real!). It's transformed our backyard into a usable pet friendly, kid friendly maintenance free space. Huge thanks to Caryn for the fast responses, quote and coordination and to Bryan who was such a professional, friendly, detail oriented installer and turf expert.

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Why Choose Echoing Green

At Echoing Green, we offer nothing less than excellence for all your residential and commercial grass needs. Our unique artificial grass exceeds industry standards. When you replace sod with artificial grass from Echoing Green, you're upgrading to lush, beautiful, long-lasting grass.

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Design a custom layout tailored to showcase your space. At Echoing Green, we help you tailor your artificial grass to fit the parameters of your space and enhance its aesthetic.

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We prioritize quality. Our artificial grass is engineered to outperform competitors and is sourced from premium manufacturers in Spain and Holland who distribute the high-grade product exclusively worldwide. Echoing Green is the sole Canadian distributor of this premium synthetic grass.

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If you want to spice up your synthetic turf application, then Echoing Green is still the choice for you. We offer premium customizations like colour, cut, and branding.

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Full Service

Our team of industry experts is happy and equipped to support and guide you through your entire artificial grass journey. From consultations, design work, layout to the product, and installation, Echoing Green ensures excellence in every step.

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Our uniquely designed turf is built to facilitate superior drainage so bacteria, dirt, dust, and other contaminants won't linger on the surface of your artificial lawn. It's also designed for colorfast protection to avoid damage from the sun's UV Rays and prevent overheating on hot days.

artificial grass installation


We have over 20 years of experience in the artificial grass industry under our belt. From manufacturing and design to installation, we pride ourselves in mastering our craft and providing our customers with a product that exceeds the standards of durability, longevity, and visual appeal.

Contact Echoing Green Today to Apply Our Premium Artificial Grass to Your Space.

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