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Artificial Grass for Dog Runs

Improve customer satisfaction with non-toxic, long-lasting artificial grass play areas for your business.


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artificial turf for dogsTreat Your Dogs with Artificial Turf Dog Runs

Create an open and safe space for dogs to play with toys and each other with an artificial grass dog run. Studies have found that dog runs, which enable movement and playtime, lead to healthier and happier pets. If you're looking to add a dog run to your commercial property, consider artificial grass for dog daycare facilities, pet groomers, hotels, and even veterinarian offices. Commercial artificial turf installation offers an innovative flooring experience that saves staff time, increases customer retention, and keeps dogs happy. 

For the best and most durable artificial grass in Toronto and accross Canada, choose Echoing Green.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dog Facilities

If your business is meant to take care of dogs, then it makes sense to pick a type of flooring, like commercial artificial turf, that is beneficial to your team as well as the dogs. 

How Do Dog Daycare Teams Benefit from Artificial Grass in Toronto? 

Taking care of one dog is a handful, from feeding to grooming and everything in between; adding more dogs to the mix increases the workload exponentially. With artificial grass for dog daycare facilities, you can confidently cut out the costs of lawn treatments and maintenance time. 

Commercial artificial turf stays lush and vibrant without any additional fertilizers or chemicals. The easy-to-clean surface and permeability of all of our grasses at Echoing Green make lawn maintenance as simple as a rinse. So you can maintain functional and attractive landscaping without adding to your workload. 

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